How to terminate your tenancy...

  1. You must give notice to AKU-Aalborg, when you wish to resignate your tenancy. Check beforehand whether you have 3 months- or 6 weeks - notice to the 1st in a month.
  2. Check here whether you have to vacate the lease 14 days before a new tenant can move in.
  3. Fill out a notice below - either via NemID or by filling out a form, signed by hand and returned to us.
  4. AKU-Aalborg confirms your notice in an email within 3 weekdays. The confirmation will also be sent to the contactpersons of the property.

    INFO! You can also sign with Sweedish- and Norwegian BankID. Use the button "Resignation with NemID" - when signing, you can choose the BankID.

If you have 3 months notice until the 1st in a month...

You have 3 months notice until the 1st in a month, if you are a tenant one of these places:

  • Sauers Kollegiet
  • Langager Kollegiet
  • Fjordbo
  • Dannebrogskollegiet
  • Vendia Kollegiet
  • Nobel Kollegiet
  • Solside Kollegiet
  • Universitets Kollegiet
  • Bikuben Kollegiet
  • Rotunden
  • Gundorfslund 5-6 (STAY-accommodations)

If you have 6 weeks notice until the 1st in a month...

You have 6 weeks of giving notice to the 1st in a month, if you do NOT reside in one of the abovementioned locations.

You can check on the list here, if you wish to see the period in which you are liable, when terminating your accommotion - depending on the date, we receive the notice.