Housing Guarantee

The Housing Guarantee is a guarantee that you as a student, who start your study in the Municipality of Aalborg (Aalborg Kommune), will be sure to have a temporary roof over your head, if you have not found housing by yourself.

The guarantee means that you will be sure to have accommodation at BBBB in Aalborg, Cabins (the hostel), and you will receive a subsidy from the Municipality of Aalborg to help pay the expenses.


To use the guarantee, you must meet andcomply with all the conditions of: Guidance, “Housing-guarantee” in Aalborg Kommune.


You will find important information about the Housing Guarantee and the terms of accommodation in: The Municipality of Aalborg’s Housing Guarantee, Important information.


Instructions on how to book accommodation at the hostel are here: How to book accommodation using “the Housing Guarantee”.


It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself thoroughly with all the rules and conditions


The Housing Guarantee is valid for three months from study start in mid-August, however, provided that you continuously meet and comply with all the conditions.